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What makes All American Signs, Inc. different from the other sign companies?

*Insurance - We carry commercial general liability insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and health care insurance. So in other words, we are covered for any work related accidents or injuries, not the property owner.  Ask any other company coming onto your property for their insurance certificates for your own protection.

*State Licensed and Registered - We are licensed with the State of Texas as a Texas State Sign Contractor as well as a Master Sign Electrician.  There are companies out there who are operating illegally without these licenses.  Be aware and ask to see.

*Parts - We do not offer or carry “generic off the internet” knock off parts. We use only factory authorized parts and materials.

*Customer Service - We strive for dedicated office personnel to assist our customers. Our goal is to always have the customer completely satisfied with our company.

*Full Service - We are a one stop shop sign company. We design, manufacture, repair/service, and install.

We do compete daily with other lower priced sign companies and lose some customers who are shopping for the lowest price.  We are not about cheap quantity, instead we are known for quality and in the end you always get what you pay for. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We have the professional knowledge and experience for 27+ years in the commercial sign industry.

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